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Mooney M20K 252 Paint Scheme (N252Q)

Review of the snazzy paint scheme on N252Q.

IFR Flight KLDJ to KVAY in Mooney M20J (pretty complete)

Flew IFR in the clouds from Linden (KLDJ) to South Jersey Regional (KVAY) in my Mooney M20J. This video is ...
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Mooney M20c

A beautiful airplane, an excellent piece of machinery and a great example of a M20c. This plane is currently for ...
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Mooney M20J

Mooney First try with a GoPro Camera setup

KSHV ILS 14 Approach Instrument Training in a Mooney M20C

ILS 14 Approach under stimulated (and some actual!) instrument conditions. Second time actually in the clouds. Not my best approach, ...
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Joes first Mooney M20E landing

Joe gets credit for 3 landings in one!

My Mooney M20 Full Stall Landing, HFD

Full stall landing at Hartford Brainard airport (HFD) in a Mooney M20, approach speed 80 mph, trimmed to fly hands ...
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Mooney M20 landing at Southwest Houston Airport

Landing a Mooney M20 at Southwest Houston Airport

Mooney M20 Landing KJNX

Landing at KJNX Smithfield in our Mooney M20C.

Mooney M20-F Executive C-FKWI

Mooney M20-F Executive flys out of Dorval Airport to Cornwall and then on the Embrun Fly-In on May 27th, 1990.

LoPresti Cowling for Mooney M20

LoPresti Mooney Cowling Kit. A review of kit components and the advantages of this upgrade Distributed by Tubemogul.

1981 MOONEY M20J 201 For Sale

Title: 1981 MOONEY M20J 201 For SaleDetail Listing: If you are in the market for a Mooney 201 that ...
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[HD] Mooney M20 on final approach

Mooney M20 on final approachMooney M20 on final approachMooney M20 on final approachtags: planes aviation boeing airbus takeoff landing airport ...
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1967 Mooney M20-F For Sale

1967 Mooney M20-F For Sale - $39,000.77Item# 337919Walkthrough tour on this 1967 Mooney M20-F. For more info contact us at ...
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